About Us

We are a community of Directors who desire to find more board opportunities to help companies and their management team reach their goals. We also desire to continue our education on privately held board issues. Our members are experienced board candidates with references and connections.

We will not admit new members without a reference from one of our selected advisors or other members. It is important we carefully select members, not to be clubby, but to ensure quality and collegiality.

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DirectorsMarketplace.org was founded by Jack Veale, a Certified Management Consultant with more than 25 years of experience in forming or advising hundreds of boards and CEOs of privately held, family owned and ESOP companies. In 1989, he started PTCFO, Inc., short for “Part Time CFO,” which has evolved to "Professionalizing The Corporate and Family Organization” when he focused on assisting CEOs, Families and their boards to streamline their governance and succession planning. Learn more about Jack on LinkedIn.

Over the years, Jack struggled to find highly-qualified, independent board members for his clients. Existing popular governance-related associations and websites did not provide the types of board members needed. So, Jack formed DirectorsMarketplace.org by inviting a small group of the most seasoned Board Directors he knew to join as members and by carefully selecting 100+ Advisors and Referral Sources – those allowed to search but not solicit.

Our Referral Sources and Shareholders continue to actively search for highly-qualified Directors to fill their boards. So Jack is currently seeking to expand its Director Membership group. Jack is personally involved in vetting every Director candidate in order to build a select group of seasoned Director members to not only meet the requirements expected by our Advisors/Referral Sources but to enable relationship building, education, and networking that often leads to new friendships."

Powerful and Secure Search Engine

We have a number of search criteria for each individual member, from number of boards, their committees membership and roles, along with the background in industries and company profiles. Our goal was to help searchers with specific profiles and experiences that best their needs.

Security and Privacy in Mind

Our complex and secure search engine has many privacy features. At no time can a director see the search author's name in the project list. At no time can the search author see the names of the directors, until both agree to connect. We have developed enough security features to protect both sides until they are in the final stages of selection and need to connect.

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Designed for Company Executives, Business Owners and for Quality Networking

For Company Executives

Our site is designed for Company Executives who are currently on boards and those retired who were on boards to make themselves available to organizations seeking independent Directors.


It is also designed for networking among the members to build our knowledge and experience to help our boards we are on. We are developing a certificate program for selected directors and their internal trustees to help mitigate risks being a director or fiduciary.

Business Owners

It is also designed for the Business Owner, Trustee or CEO who is looking to recommend independent directors to their board. We have developed a great search tool to help boards find and select great board members.

The Benefit of Choosing us

As experienced directors, we understand the hesitancy many company's face when considering inviting an independent person to their board. For example:

"We just went through one of the most difficult times in my business career and I need to get our company back to its old ways before I retire"

"My trustee is or continually recommends us to add a few independent directors, but who are our best choices?"

"Our founder is now on the board, and is resisting the idea of adding an independent director. How do we change this?"

"As a senior manager in the company, I am afraid or worried an independent director will fire me."

"What can a person who doesn't know our business help us be better, when we already have the knowledge with our employees who sit on the board?"

"I am concerned bringing in an independent director will cost the company a lot of money that we aren't spending now."

We, as directors, have felt many of these feelings or concerns ourselves and can show you the benefit of inviting us to your boards to improve your company's performance.