A Member who was selected to a board in 2016.

Two short years ago a professional fiduciary and industry colleague introduced me to a gentleman by the name of Jack Veale, Founder of Directors Marketplace. Jack has developed a unique business model to help aspiring independent directors, like me,  to register their work experience, talents and skills.  His environment allows executive leadership and board members of closely held, venture backed, family owned, ESOP or other "For Profit" or "Non Profit" companies identify candidates for independent director positions. Over the last few years, Directors Marketplace helped introduce me to several key decision-makers seeking to find qualified individuals to become independent board members for their boards.

The step-wise process proved to be extremely smooth. I initially registered my background information at Directors Marketplace, attended a local, day-long gathering in Chicago with business leaders and shareholders to engage in a series of round-table discussions and personal interviews.  I learned a great deal about my interviewing skills and that a director's resume was different from a CV. 

As time went on, I received many emails about board opportunities, and would respond to those that made sense, and if I was a fit. I responded to several but never got selected for the next step.  A few months back, Jack forwarded my reply information to a company's search committee chair to set up a phone interview, and I was invited. In preparation for the interview, Jack offered to help me with the interviewing process as it is a lot like a job search but different. I was selected over 15 other candidates, 8 from our membership. If you are considering the role of an independent director, I strongly urge you to engage with Directors Marketplace at www.DirectorsMarketplace.org. Tell Jack that Paul sent you! ;-)    Paul Bryant EVP &CCO

— Member Since 2013