Welcome to WomenDirectors.org!

This site is part of a family of Governing Board Director sites, with the central site being DirectorsMarketplace.org. Our goals include;

1. Help members find company boards who are seeking independent directors 

2. At no cost, assist companies and their advisors to find their “best fit” directors 

3. Improve governance by developing exceptional continuing education and certificate programs

Some of the benefits of joining our site include:

  1. Quality networking with other directors who may know of a board seat,

  2. Attend private events for members only,

  3. A proven training certificate to raise the bar for good governance

  4. Support directors with free advice and services to improve their value with their boards they are currently sitting.

If you are interested in joining our membership, you must be invited by a member or click the button above to set up a call or meeting with a member to see if there is a fit. Our goal is to have the best directors for the circles we have developed. We are also requiring members to take and pass our fiduciary education exams. We want to separate you from the crowd.

Your first year’s $495 Membership fee is waived to incentivize new and current members to get trained. Going forward, future annual director memberships and maintenance exam would be $495. We can offer you, as a sitting or former company director, unique opportunities to expand your networking, board performance/experience and board placements. If you are looking for great women directors, we have a growing portfolio of seasoned women directors with board experience.