Incubator Directors

Welcome to! We are excited you are here. We have invested tens of thousands of dollars to develop a community of "Incubator" or "Start-up" company directors with technology and new company experience to help each other and or their companies to improve operational and strategic performance. With your $195 annual investment, we can offer you, as a sitting or former company director, unique opportunities to expand your networking, board performance/experience and board placements. If you are looking for great directors, who have "Incubator" or "Start-up" experience, we have a portfolio of seasoned directors who can help guide technology company boards.

This site is part of a family of Governing Board Director sites, with the central site being Our goal is fourfold;

  1. Help member directors find new company boards who are seeking independent directors
  2. Help companies and their advisors find the best directors for free!
  3. Advance improved governance by developing excellent continuing education and certification programs
  4. Be a resource for directors to find the best advisors and support for complex and demanding issues

Inside our secure and private community, directors can share and chat with each other without fear, as membership and content is monitored by a thought leader. In our community section, we have created specialty groups we call "Circles" relating to specific needs of a director by which a thought leader manages the "Circles" content and invitations for membership into that "Circle." For example, we have a "Circle" for Business Incubator Directors, Women Directors, and many many more.

Some of the benefits of joining our site include: quality networking with other directors who may know of a board seat, attend private events for members only, a proven certification for certain director profiles to help raise the bar on good governance, and the member's profile added to the main search database for those permitted to search. In addition, our goal is to help support directors with expert advice and services to improve their value with their boards they are currently sitting.

If you are interested in joining our membership, you must be invited by a member or click the button above to set up a call or meeting with a member to see if there is a fit. Our goal is to have the best directors for the circles we have developed. You can find a portion of the circles at our main

Our site is separated into two sections: 1) your director resume or profile for confidential director searches, which we call the "Database Section;" and 2) your personal profile with social, networking and forum applications to personalize your experience with other members, which is our "Community Section".

We also designed the search system so that only those who are pre-approved to make searches can do so for free. We intentionally separated your director search profile information in the Database Section, from your Community Section networking membership profile. This is done in order to: 1) allow confidential searches for searching party, 2) protect both your searchable director profile, 3) and protect your personal profile, networking information, and private discussions from being searched by web-crawlers and hackers.

With your director profile there are many security features for sharing that the personal profile does not offer. In addition, anyone searching for a director cannot enter into the community and find additional information on you. If you are already a member, click one of the "log-ins" below.

Directors, Log in here to manage your profile and interact with the community

Advisors or Directors, Log in here to Search our Database for Opportunities

For the Public, Log in here to create a Director Search

You will see on the banners above we have easy-to-use links connecting you to your personal PROFILE, your communities section with many features and networking capabilities, our calendar and events area, as well as our list of advisors and our template for helping directors and their CEO's with managing a buy or sale of their company.